Merry Christmas from Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 

2018 will be an exciting time for the band, as on January the 5th we go into the studio to record a new album titled “Living The Dream,’ with Jay Ruston in the producer’s chair. We are fans of Jay’s from his ……….

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Heepy Christmas Greetings


The Mighty Heep would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and an even better New Year. Many thanks to all of you that came to our shows in 2015, and making them so special. This has been a good year for the band, and we are looking forward to recording a new album in 2016. Although this is a time to celebrate, please think of those less fortunate than yourselves, like the sick and the homeless. We should be thankful we have our health, as without that, you really have nothing. The Heep rock n’ roll circus will keep on rolling, and thanks for being a big part of that journey. There will be a lot of exciting things to look forward to in 2016, and so all that’s left to say is ‘Let’s keep on Heepin’ on, and have a brilliant festive season.’ ‘Appy days! URIAH HEEP

Photo by  Duangpon Heep 


Alles Gute für 2015

Manchmal bin ich zu pragmatisch und vergesse das “andere”. Daher hier verspätet noch Alles Gute an euch  Leser meines Blogs für 2015.  Euer Thomas F.

Der links bin ich Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund