Mick’s Blog’s (28.10.16)

Micks neuester Blog ist hier für englisch sprechende Menschen nachzulesen.

Mick talks about, meeting at LHR Terminal 3, flying to Miami and on to La Paz, Bolivia which will be Heep’s 60th country to play a concert in, the movie marathon, turbulence, clearing customs and passport control in the USA, the Mexican Restaurant and the Margarita’s, talking to my son Myke, the unlucky seat, on the flight to La Paz after my good deed, arriving at El Alto Airport in La Paz Bolivia, waiting for our promoter Raul, the beginning of altitude sickness, Sorojchi pills, Coca Tea, and the La Paz football team never being beaten by a visiting international team. He also discusses, the TV show at 10.30pm called ‘Anoticiando’ on ADB TV which Phil and I did on the day of arrival, the misinformed interviewer, real Coca Leaves, Russ & Davey volunteering for the morning TV show, the indigenous Cholita’s, the mobbed press conference, the fire escape photo shoot for the front page of the newspapers, the flight to Potosi via Cochabamba, ‘Gypsy’ on the radio in Potosi, the Football Stadium, the cold outdoor show, the brass band procession, wild dogs, Cholita Wrestling in full costume on TV, the wonderful audience in Potosi, the quietest Russ has ever played, the fork and the security lady, the interview, England v Malta football, Russ feeling bad, 2 local bands, 2 Spanish Bands and 1 Mexican band at the La Paz festival, adjusting the set for Russ, the medic beside Russ giving him oxygen between songs, and the La Paz audience who were truly amazing”……………………….

Den ganzen Bericht gibt es hier

Mehr Info auch auf seiner Webseite: http://www.mick-box.net

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