Heep Xmas greeting

All of you ‚Heepsters‘ we wish you a wonderful
Xmas and a Brilliant New Year in 2014.

2013 has been a hell of a year for the band, with the loss of our Trevor. It
was so unexpected, and so sudden, it shocked us right to the bone. What with
Bernie’s illness, thankfully behind him, it has been a Rollercoaster of
nightmares, and we never really had time to draw breath. However in true
‚Heep,‘ style we have pulled through, and the spirit of Trevor will always
be with us, and his music lives on forever. That is just how he would have
wished it. Those cherished memories will always be there in our hearts.
We were so hoping that he would be on stage with us at the Download
Festival, but it was not to be. The 90,000 people that were there though,
could definitely feel his presence, and the sight of Trevor projected on to
the Download screens drew one of the biggest cheers of the weekend. It was
particularly emotional for the band, as his family were on the side of the
stage. How wonderful it is to know, that so many people have been enriched
by Trevor’s talents and values.
We cannot thank you all enough for your support, especially over this
troublesome time, and it just goes to show what fantastic fans & friends we
However at this festive time, I would like us all to think of those less
fortunate, like the homeless, and this year has just added even more
relevance to my ‚Shirt Off My Back,‘ auctions for Cancer. I would like to,
with The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre, thank everyone for your
donations and support. www.mick-box.net
Saying all the above, we will be recording a new CD and Video in the first
part of 2014, then we will start an extensive touring campaign to promote
both of them all over the world. There is much to look forward to, but we
will never forget Trevor, David and Gary, who gave so much to the band, and
this is etched in our heart and soul.

‚Appy Xmas, ‚Appy New Year, and there will be many more ‚Appy days!


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